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An Ex Demo

Our nearly new car deals make buying an ex-demo peugeot more affordable. You can spread the costs thanks to our various finance options. So whether you choose to take advantage of our nil deposit deals or our 0 finance options, you are sure to find a nearly new car deal that meets your requirements.

  basically, an ex-demo car is one that has typically been used for test drives by potential customers or dealership staff.

No previous owners - unlike a used car, an ex-demo car wont have had any previous owners meaning the car will be in the same condition as when it was brand new and will have a lot less miles on the clock. Often higher spec cars - many dealerships will want to showcase the best aspects of a model, the ex-demo car is generally chosen with its best features and systems.

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  ex-demo courtesy cars, demonstrators, management cars etc etc. Yesterday had my wifes car serviced so took a hyundai getz for the day as a courtesy vehicle.

Have you considered an ex-demo vehicle? If you cant decide whether a brand new or used car is the best option for you, why not consider a third option an ex-demonstrator car? Ex-demo cars strike the perfect balance between new and used they are nearly-new condition vehicles with the price tags associated with used cars. Sound too good to be true? Its not! Ex-demo cars offer a whole host of.

Save money on your next new car with an ex demo hyundai car from bristol street motors. With a wide range of ex demo hyundai vehicles in stock, we can help you get a nearly new car at a price that suits you. The ex demo hyundai cars we stock are vehicles previously used as display or test drive models. As all vehicles are kept in impeccable shape by our dealerships, purchasing an ex demo.

Does anyone know whether an ex-demo car bought with just under 6k miles would still be accepted as unused? Thanks! Thanks (0) replying to tinkerbell by portia nina levin. I never expected you to come along and dig up a corpse though.

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  ex-demo stands for ex-demonstrator - cars that have been used in showrooms. Buying an ex-demo car can be a cheaper way to get yourself a brand new car, for a lower price than youd usually expect to pay. This is because ex-demo cars are vehicles that dealerships have previously used as display and test drive models for their showrooms.

  motorcycle dealerships up and down the land are selling off their 2017 demonstrator fleets, meaning you can save thousands on a nearly new motorcycle with.

Owning an ex demo means youre getting a nearly new car for a cheaper price. Our teams ensure all demonstrators are kept in the best possible condition and you will have peace of mind that the vehicle has had no previous owners. Although some may have been taken out on test drives, you will notice all of our ex demos have very little miles on the clock.