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Define Jak

Define Jak

Jak definition is - a large tropical asian tree (artocarpus heterophyllus) related to the breadfruit that yields a fine-grained yellow wood and immense fruits which contain an edible pulp and nutritious seeds also its fruit.

Noun any of various portable devices for raising or lifting heavy objects short heights, using various mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic methods.

From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the jak-stat signaling pathway is a chain of interactions between proteins in a cell, and is involved in processes such as immunity, cell division, cell death and tumour formation.

Jak | Definition of Jak by Merriam Webster

Jak synonyms, jak pronunciation, jak translation, english dictionary definition of jak. Jak - immense east indian fruit resembling breadfruit it contains an edible pulp and nutritious seeds that are commonly roasted jackfruit, jack.

Define Jak

Jak a group of enzymes that influence the growth and differentiation of cells through their impact on cytokine receptors.

Collins english dictionary - complete & unabridged 2012 digital edition william collins sons & co.

J games a playing card showing the figure of a servant or soldier and ranking below a queen.

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Define Jak

Janus kinase (jak) is a family of intracellular, nonreceptor tyrosine kinases that transduce cytokine -mediated signals via the jak-stat pathway. They were initially named just another kinase 1 and 2 (since they were just two of many discoveries in a pcr -based screen of kinases), but were ultimately published as janus kinase.

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  jak it is a short way to write the arabic- islamic phrase jazak allah khair.