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For A Ya

For A Ya

  the protagonist of your ya novel should ideally be between 14 and 18 years old. If you write a childrens book in which a character is twelve years old, this is a middle-grade novel. If youve written a book in which your character is nineteen, this is either a new adult novel or an adult novel, depending on your content.

Is 109,000 words to long for a ya adult fantasy novel? The problem im having is that im thinking its to long. But i cant edit any more out otherwise the story line is going to be way to fast paced or important plot threads are going to be missed, which is going to ruin the book and the sequel.

  theres an argument to be made that young adult fiction is the most important genre in literature. In terms of practical use you may claim that childrens books do more for their readers in terms of entertainment you might think that murder mysteries pull their weight in terms of social impact you could make a strong case for sci-fi but in terms of how much a group of readers need their.

The 3 golden rules of writing a young adult novel

But before moving on, notice that this is written in the first person - very common for a ya book. But what happens next? Perhaps surprisingly, chapter 14 does not follow on directly, but is told from the point of view of a different character - and in first person, past tense.

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For A Ya

  i stumbled into a conversation on twitter today in which some of my most favourite people were debating the characteristics of ya (young adult) fiction and whether their works in progress fit into it, focusing on the type of language used, and trying to pin down the age range.