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Har Vest

Har Vest

Harvest is modern time tracking for less effort, more joy, and improved profitability. Intuitive, lightweight time tracking thats easy to learn and use.

Verb (used with object) to gather (a crop or the like) reap.

Harvest helps track your time, manage projects, and invoice clients efficiently.

HARVEST | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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The result or consequence of an action stuck with the harvest of a predecessors decisions.

Harvest, a noun, came from the old english word hrf-est (coined before the angles moved from angeln to great britain) meaning autumn (the season), harvest-time, or august. (it continues to mean autumn in british dialect, and season of gathering crops generally. ) the harvest came to also mean the activity of reaping, gathering, and storing grain and other grown products during the autumn, and also the grain and other grown products themselves.

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Harvest definition of harvest by The Free Dictionary

Harvest id - harvest easy time tracking software with invoicing.

Harvest definition is - the season for gathering in agricultural crops.

Har Vest

Harvest verb (crops) t or i to pick and collect crops, or to collect plants, animals, or fish to eat in the us, winter wheat is harvested in the early summer.