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It S Gri

It S Gri

Grim up north running is known for its low key approach and all runners will be greeted with a warm smile and friendly chat. Our aim is to get you out running, help you to enjoy both the beautiful countryside , great camaraderie and sense of wellbeing that you will get when you cross that finish line.


He has a tiny shoulder but has a chip on it bigger than donald trumps outrageously kack hair-do.

It S Gri

Outlook unemployment at a decade-high of nearly 2 million with at least another million expected to lose their jobs over the coming year.

  its gri announcement season nows the time to prepare for 2018.

Ooooh it's GRIM up north...

It S Gri

Its grim up north is a song by the justified ancients of mu mu (the jams). The song was originally released as a limited edition club mix in december 1990 with pete wylie on vocals. A re-recorded version with bill drummond on vocals was released commercially in october 1991. These recordings were the first releases by drummond and his creative partner jimmy cauty under the jams moniker.

Please note our grim shop is temporarily unavailable we will return in 2021.

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