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Long Time

Long Time

Long time - a prolonged period of time weve known each other for ages i havent been there for years and years years, age period, period of time, time period - an amount of time a time period of 30 years hastened the period of time of his recovery picassos blue period month of sundays - a time perceived as long i.

Synonyms for a long time include eternity, ages, eons, aeons, forever, months, years, yonks, aeon and age.

The elections also marked the ousting of turkeys long-time dominant political class. As a long-time fan, i have to say that this post by john might be your best one yet. To one long-time friend, i am a very clear-headed, logical person. As long-time readers will know, i am partial to full beards on men.

Foreplay/Long Time Wikipedia

Foreplaylong time is a song written by tom scholz and first performed by the rock band boston on the bands eponymous debut album, and as their second single, on epic records in 1976. It combines an instrumental introduction, foreplay, to the main song long time, generally played as one on the radio and listed as one track on the album.

Longtime definition is - having been so for a long time long-standing.

Long Time

Used to say that someone has been in a particular position for a long period a long-time friend of the chairman said she had expected the resignation.