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Muslim Switzerland

Muslim Switzerland

But the izrs is a controversial organisation both inside and outside the swiss muslim community.

  under the medium migration scenario, the swiss muslim population would increase to 1,140,000 (10. In the high migration scenario, the study projects that the record flow of.).

  the european court of human rights has ruled that muslim girls in switzerland must attend mixed school swimming lessons.

Swiss Muslims denounce ‘burqa ban’ proposal as referendu

  home to a sizeable muslim population, muslim tourists will be able to find more and more halal and muslim-friendly facilities in switzerland.

Islam in switzerland has mostly arrived via immigration since the late 20th century. Numbering below 1 of total population in 1980, the fraction of muslims in the population of permanent residents in switzerland has quintupled in thirty years, estimated at just above 5 as of 2013. A majority is from former yugoslavia (estimated at 56 as of 2010, most of them from kosovo) an additional 20 (2010 estimate) is from turkey. This is due to the fact that in the 1960s and 1970s switzerland encouraged young men from yugoslavia and turkey to come as guest workers. Initially these young men were only planning on staying in switzerland temporarily, however, revised swiss immigration laws in the 1970s permitted family regrouping. Consequently, these men ended up staying in switzerland as these new laws allowed the wives and children of these young men into the country. Since this time period, most of the muslim immigration to switzerland stems from asylum seekers arriving primarily from eastern europe. The vast majority of muslims in switzerland adhere to the sunni branch. Some famous muslims of switzerland include tariq ramadan, frithjof schuon, titus burckhardt, xherdan shaqiri and isabelle eberhardt.

Swiss Muslim population to grow, migration or not SWI ...

  swiss islam specialists say the legal strategy proposed by farhad afshar, president of the coordination of islamic organisations in switzerland, is the wrong approach to an inexistent problem.

This is a real photo that was captured in damascus, syria in the year 1889. The one being carried is a christian called sameer, and the one carrying him is a blind muslim called mohammed.

  swiss muslims denounce burqa ban proposal as referendum nears. Only a few women are understood to wear facial coverings in switzerland, where a controversial vote will take place on march 7.

Muslim converts raise fears in Switzerland SWI swissinfo.c

  muslims living in switzerland have spoken against a proposal to ban the wearing of facial coverings in public places. According to reports by al jazeera, the burka ban, as it has come to be.