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Opinion - we, the people, will have to lead the way, governments will not, and as they are failing to address racism in this country, we cannot, and will not, stand for it any longer.

Another word for be of the opinion believe, think, hold, consider, judge collins english thesaurus.

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Opinion: For life after COVID, vaccinated must be patient ..

Opinion opinion for life after covid, vaccinated must be patient. The german ethics council, which offers advice to the government, has clearly stated that people who have been vaccinated against.

  the brexit process is shaped not only by decisions in downing street, but also by the other 27 member states of the eu. Other governments also have voters, and have to take their opinions into account when negotiating brexit.

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Opinion Fo

The traditional view, and im sure the majority of opinion supports it, is that the attorney-general does have a role. It went through six printings in its first year, but its effect on majority opinion was, for many years to come, negligible.

Opinion definition of opinion by The Free Dictionary

A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof the world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion (elizabeth drew). A judgment based on special knowledge and given by an expert a medical opinion.

In british english you might use of for a specific thing, eg.

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