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Paren Def

Paren Def

P-rn paren is short for parenthesis, which is a punctuation mark that encloses comments or information within a sentence, or is used in math equations.

  single-parent family definition a household consisting of at least one dependent child and the mother or father, the.

Parents definition of parents by The Free Dictionary

A female person whose egg unites with a sperm or a male person whose sperm unites with an egg, resulting in the conception of a child or the birth of a child.

Paren Def

Definition of paren parenthesis sense 3 usually plural there are four ways of erasing expressions in a logical statement, and one way of moving variables in and out of parens.

Parent definition is - one that begets or brings forth offspring.

Parent noun c (motherfather) a1 a mother or father of a person or an animal, or someone who looks after a person in the same way that a parent does im going to meet richards.

#!/usr/bin/env rubyclass Paren def my_inspect self.inspect .

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