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The Exact

The exact solution is intelligently set up, our information overview becoming increasingly more accurate which in turn supports the effectiveness of our planning. Its a piece of cake to review or update your production plans in exact.

Xact fire safety training and qualifications bs 9251 sprinkler.

Adjective usually adjective noun exact means correct in every detail. For example, an exact copy is the same in every detail as the thing it is copied from.

Exakt Saw

Included with the exact saw is a handy carry case which is sturdy and has room for the saw and all its attachments which include three blades and the dust extraction hose. The first blade is suitable for cutting wood including medium density fibreboard (mdf), laminate flooring, chipboard and plywood.

In great detail, or complete, correct, or true in every way 2.

Strictly and completely in accord with fact not deviating from truth or reality an exact account an exact replica your exact words. Characterized by accurate measurements or inferences with small margins of error not approximate an exact figure an exact science.

Exact derives from a form of the latin verb exigere, meaning to drive out, to demand, or to measure. (another descendant of exigere is the word exigent, which can mean demanding or requiring immediate attention. ) exigere, in turn, was formed by combining the prefix ex- with the verb agere, meaning to drive.

French Translation of “exact” | Collins English French .

When someone exacts something, they demand and obtain it from another person, especially because they are in a superior or more powerful position. Already he has exacted a written apology from the chairman of the commission.

The exact group is a market leader in precision engineering and composite finishing across a number of sectors. With a wealth of experience, coupled with cutting edge equipment and techniques, the exact group is known widely for quality, performance and delivery, particularly their rapid response service. Innovative, entrepreneurial with added value, the company delivers on time and in full.

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