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The STM8S0

The STM8S0

Stm8s003f3 - mainstream value line 8-bit mcu with 8 kbytes flash, 16 mhz cpu, integrated eeprom, stm8s003f3p6, stm8s003f3p6tr, stm8s003f3u6tr, stmicroelectronics.

  the stm8 is a series of 8-bit microcontrollers from stmicroelectronics that has become a common choice of microcontroller for cost-sensitive product development. I have previously work with avr, pic, and a few other arm cortex microcontrollers, but surely in some applications, they become overkill and increase the bom cost considerably.

The stm8s value line offers the best priceperformance ratio among all our 8-bit microcontrollers. Many consumer and large-volume industrial electronic devices require basic mcu functionalities and competitive pricing.

c STM8 Pulse Counter Stack Overflow

The STM8S0

This motor has an encoder that generates pulses according to its movement. I need to control the number of turns of the motor shaft by monitoring the numbe.

The STM8S0

The stm8s-discovery from stmicroelectronics is a stm8s access discovery. It helps to discover the stm8s features and to develop and share users own application. Even though the stm8s-discovery is built around an stm8s105c6t6, it allows evaluation of the main features of all the stm8s access line mcus. It includes an embedded debugger stlink and a touch sensing button.

Datasheet STM8S003F3 STM8S003K3 Value line, 16 MHz ...

List of figures stm8s003f3 stm8s003k3 8103 ds7147 rev 10 figure 48.

The documentation states that this should not be left set to the reset value (0x1f) and the value should be in the range 0 0x1e.

Sts stm8s series of mainstream 8-bit microcontrollers covers a large variety of applications in the industrial, consumer and computer markets, particularly where large volumes are concerned. Based on the stm8 proprietary core, the stm8s series benefits from sts 130 nm technology and advanced core architecture performing up to 20 mips at 24 mhz.