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This Is In

This Is In

Pronunciation eh-tuh part of speech pronoun, particle (this word doesnt change form dont confuse it with the demonstrative pronoun этот, which has the same form in neuter singular nominativeaccusative).

Thank you for your question about phrases, or expressions, that use the word hand. First of all, i should explain that in my hand has the straightforward, literal meaning that.

Dedicated to promoting the learning of the italian language! When used with nouns as in the examples above, the words questi, quello, questo, etc are demonstrative adjectives because they point to and object or person mentioned in the sentence thus modifying it by specifying that object or person.

What Part of Speech is “THIS” | Part of Speech

  in other cases, the word this is classified under the part of speech adverb, when it is used to describe an adjective, a verb, or another adverb. For instance, in the sample sentence he needs a container this big. The word this is considered as an adverb that modifies the adjective big.

  another word for in line with in accord, in agreement, in harmony, in step, in conformity collins english thesaurus.

As you see from these examples, which word to use in french depends on the gender of the noun. Unlike english, french doesnt tend to make a distinction between near and far (this vs that in english) the words ce and cette generally cover both meanings. (see the next page for information on how to distinguish between this and that in french.).