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Whether It

1 of directive 200427ec which provides the definition of medicinal product which applies for the purposes of directive 200120ec.

Unless you work with livestock, you are not likely to use the term very often. Shepherds and goatherds attach a bell to the lead animal and call it a bellwether.

  the man loves to do his work, whether it is cleaning the yard, testing toys, or singing.

Appendix 2: Algorithm to determine whether it's a clinical .

If is often used in the meaning of whether, especially in the spoken language. If you can replace if in the sentence by whether, what follows is not a conditional clause, so the future can be expressed using will correct i am not sure whether he will be there tomorrow.

  the drive to correct each others speech, after all, can be hard to resist. Most of this is in good humour with glaswegians on social media sites declaring jag to be the right.

The member states, europe and the world do not need and have nothing to gain from a superpower, whether it be an economic, political or military one.

  during 2010, shares in rockhopper exploration shot up 850 per cent in just six months.

  with freezing weather sweeping the country, martin lewis has explained the facts about whether its truly cheaper to leave the heating on low or switch it on and off as needed.

Whether is a conditional word so it causes the subjunctive form of verbs which tend to look the same as the infinitive form.

  pwc us to head to trial over whether it rightly fired a whistleblower hannah godfrey pwc us will head to trial on monday, where it will have to defend two tech company audits.